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High Frequency Three Phase (3/3) Online UPS

EH9225 Series (10-30KVA)

EH9225 Series products are high-efficiency and high-performance, double conversion, pure-online and three phase input and three phase output UPS. This series provides perfect solution for power source protection and successfully solves problems such as blackout, boost, brownouts, sags, decaying, oscillation, high voltage impulse, voltage fluctuations, surges, harmonic distortion, disturbances, frequency fluctuation etc, So that products, can be widely used in computer equipment, communications equipment and other controlling equipments, and under the impact of the load for a particular election can be installed accessories to deal with complex industrial environment. Therefore, EH9225 Series products can be applied in a diversified multi-industries field such as telecommunications, financing, transportation, government, manufacturing and energy sectors.


  • Rated power 10KVA to 30KVA
  • IGBT technology
  • High efficiency, ECO:98%, Normal:94%
  • Automatic and manual bypass
  • Built in isolate transformer (Optional)
  • Charge current adjustable
  • With Parallel card
  • SNMP card for communication (Optional)
  • Support RS232,RS485,AS400 monitoring function with free CD

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Low Line Loss (Voltage Range)110 VAC(Ph-N) ±3% at 50% Load; 176 VAC(Ph-N) ±3% at 100% Load
Low Line Comeback (Voltage Range)Low Line Loss Voltage + 10V
High Line Loss (Voltage Range)300 VAC(L-N) ±3% at 50% Load; 276 VAC(L-N) ±3% at 100% Load
High Line Comeback (Voltage Range)High Line Loss Voltage – 10V
Frequency Range46Hz~54Hz @ 50Hz system; 56Hz~64Hz @ 60Hz system
PhaseThree Phase with Neutral
Power Factor

≥0.99 at 100% Load

PhaseThree Phase with Neutral
Output Voltage208/220/230/240VAC(Ph-N)
AC Voltage Regulation ±1%
Frequency Range (Synchronized Range)46Hz~54Hz @ 50Hz system; 56Hz~64Hz @ 60Hz system
Frequency Range (Batt. Mode)50Hz ± 0.1Hz or 60Hz ± 0.1Hz
AC Mode (Overload)100%~110%: 10min; 110%~130%: 1min; >130%: 1sec
Battery Mode (Overload)100%~110%: 30sec; 110%~130%: 10sec; >130%: 1sec
Current Crest Ratio3:1 max
Harmonic Distortion≤2% @ 100% Linear Load; ≤5% @ 100% Non-linear Load
Line<——>Battery (Transfer Time)0ms
Inverter<——>Bypass (Transfer Time)0ms (When phase lock fails, <4ms interruption occurs from inverter to bypass)
Inverter<——>ECO (Transfer Time)<10ms
AC Mode>89%>89%>89%>90%
Battery Mode>86%>88%>87%>89%
Type (Standard Model)12V/9Ah
Numbers (Standard Model)20(18-20 adjustable)2*20(18-20 adjustable)2*20(18-20 adjustable)3*20(18-20 adjustable)
Recharge Time (Standard Model)9 hours recover to 90% capacity
Charging Current (Standard Model)1.0±10%(max.)2.0±10%(max.)2.0±10%(max.)4.0±10%(max.)
Charging Voltage (Standard Model)273 VDC ±1%
Type (Long-run Model)Depending on applications
Numbers (Long-run Model)18-20
Charging Current (Long-run Model)4.0±10%(max.)4.0±10%(max.)4.0±10%(max.)8.0±10%(max.)
Charging Voltage (Long-run Model)273 VDC ±1%
Dimension,[D*W*H mm] Outline770*330*850570*330*810770*330*850570*330*810770*330*850570*330*810770*330*1050770*330*810
Net Weight (kgs) Outline10547150521585421263
Dimension,[D*W*H mm] Packaging900*463*1100665*443*1100900*463*1100665*443*1100900*463*1100665*443*11001100*463*1080900*463*1100
Net Weight (kgs) Packaging12557170621786434778
Operation Temperature0~40℃(the battery life will down when >25℃)
Operation Humidity<95% and non-condensing
Operation Altitude<1000m
Acoustic Noise LevelLess than 60dB @ 1MeterLess than 65dB @ 1Meter
Smart RS-232 or USBSupports Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/2008/Win7/Linux/Unix/MAC.
Optional SNMPPower management from SNMP manager and web browser.




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