Europe’s latest U-turn could threaten renewables investment and MUST Power Marches EU market

An unexpected “non-paper” in which the European Commission signaled a U-turn away from a price cap on gas has caused a stir in what was already an agitated European energy industry.

Europe’s lengthy and controversial debate over whether or not to place a cap on gas prices shows no signs of finding a swift solution.

The EU grudgingly accepted the decision of Spain and Portugal in April to opt for a €40 ($39.63)/MWh price gap on gas used for electricity generation. However, the European Commission itself continues to finds it hard to believe such a complicated scheme could be worked out any time soon.

Must Power,a leading manufacturer of Residential and Industrial Solar Power Products and Solutions since 1998, would like to take the great chance to march into the Europe market,starting from attending the local events, like Intersolar Europe in Germany 2023 etc. As the largest and most influential professional solar exhibition, Intersolar Europe in Germany will attract thousands of world-renowned PV enterprises.

Must Power will present a variety of high efficiency solar inverters, power controller chargers, lithium-ion battery and all in one energy storage system with excellent design then.

Focusing on overseas markets and brand building, Must Power will continue to provide excellent products and services with leading quality and technology to create a green low-carbon era with Europe partners.

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