MUST Customers Solar System Installation Cases Sharing

Today we are going to share you some cases of solar systems installation from customers in different countries.

  • Solar Inverter MUST 5KW PV18-5048 VHM with MPPT Charger 80A + Wifi Plug x 2 Sets
  • Battery Lithium backup 30KWh
  • Solar Panel 430W mono Half Cell x 21PCs =9030Wp

MUST 10KW Solar System
Solar Inverter 5KW Model PV18-5048 VHM with MPPT Charger 80A * 2 Sets Work in Parallel
Battery Lithium Pack

MUST 36KW Solar System
Inverter MUST 12KW Model EP30-12KW PRO
MPPT Solar Charge Charger MUST 100A * 6 Sets Model PC18-10015F
Sealed Lead Acid Battery Pack

Combined Cases of MUST Solar Inverters/ Solar Systems:

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