New arrival model PV3300 TLV Split phase hybrid solar inverter for 2020!

Dual output (110V/220V) PV3300 TLV Model is coming out, which is used in Middle American and South American Countries.

Main Features:
> Pure sine wave output, split phase HOT1+ N + HOT2 available, 120VAC/220VAC
> Built-in MPPT solar charge controller 80A
> MFD (multi-function display) & Friendly user interface
> 3 Steps optimizing charge for battery pack
> Overload and short-circuit protection
> Settable: charging/charging current, utility/Battery priority, utility input wide/narrow range
> Inverter voltage can be set to 100V/110V/120V
> Inverter frequency can be set to 50/60Hz

Pictures as follows:

This type is bestseller now, any further details, pls feel free to email: or call: 0086 83658583

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