NEWS! Strictly Lack Electricity In South Africa

South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa has appointed a minister of electricity – probably the least coveted job at the moment as the country is experiencing its worst-ever electricity crisis.

South Africa’s aging coal-fired power plants have recently broken down or undergone lengthy repairs, triggering a national disaster that has left homes and businesses without electricity for up to 11 and a half hours a day for the past three months.

The outage affected not only People’s Daily lives, but also everything from hospitals to mining companies and factories. Ordinary people have to plan ahead whether they are doing laundry, cooking or surfing the Internet. What’s worse, they have to cut off electricity on a rotating basis.

In this case, it is urgent to introduce more power projects. The quickest way to do this is by installing solar power. Solar power is the fastest way to get things done, both for homes and businesses.

Maybe this will continue for many more months. However, we believe that with the efforts of the political and business communities, things will get better and better. We also hope that everyone can afford high-quality and efficient solar products. This is also our mission and responsibility.

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