Portable Solar System

HBP Series (300-1000W)


  • Powerful the output capacity;
  • Inbuilt with qualified LifeP04 battery;
  • Various output ports such as AC 220V, 5V USB port (3pcs);
  • Bluetooth Speaker; Wireless Mobile Phone Charger;
  • Efficient conversion, supper low no-load current , better energy saving;
  • Both AC charging and solar charging are available;
  • Solar Panel for optional.

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1.Powerful the output capacity, successfully driving high current facilities as refrigerator, washing machine, juicier and other high-power appliances, etc.
2.Inbuilt with qualified LifeP04 battery,with long cycles up to 2000 cycles and longer backup time.
3.Various output ports such as AC 220V, 5V USB port (3pcs).
4.Bluetooth Speaker; Wireless Mobile Phone Charger.
5.Efficient conversion, supper low no-load current , better energy saving.
6.Multifunctional LCD display with AC output voltage, battery capacity, load of AC output, high precision 1% Coulomb grade on calculation of power measure, etc.
7.Equipped with thermostatic fan, slower temperature rise and smaller noise.
8.Complete protection including input over-voltage, low voltage, overload, short circuit, over temperature, etc.
9.Both AC charging and solar charging are available.
10.Solar Panel for optional

How it works

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Model HBP15-0312 HBP15-0512 HBP15-1012
Output Voltage 230VAC
Rated Power 300W 500W 1000W
Wave Form Pure Sine Wave
Frequency 50Hz
USB/5V 3PCS white Color USB output 5V/2.4A(total current)
DC Output 12V/7A*2
Vehicle charging 12V/10A
AC Input INV mode: 70~145VAC OR 140 ~260VAC
Solar Charging Standard 5A,max10A Standard 5A, max20A Standard 5A, max20A
Car Charging 14.6V/10A(Option)
Capacity 384Wh 640Wh 1000Wh
Battery type LifeP04 battery
Size / Unit (mm) 300*215*192 300*255*280
Net weight (kg) 4.3 7.1 11.4





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