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Low Frequency Split Phase Inverter Charger

PV3300 TLV Split Phase Series (1-6KW)

This is a multi-function inverter/charger, combining functions of inverter, MPPT50A/80A solar charger and battery charger to offer uninterruptible power support with portable size. Its comprehensive LCD display offers user-configurable and easy-accessible button operation such as battery charging current, AC/solar charger priority, and acceptable input voltage based on different applications.


  • Pure sine wave output
  • Friendly user interface;MFD (multi-function display)
  • 3 Steps charging
  • Overload and short-circuit protection
  • Set charging voltage/charging current
  • Battery low voltage shutdown point can be set to 10/10.5/11V
  • Set utility priority/ Battery priority
  • Set utility input wide/narrow range
  • Inverter voltage can be set to 100/110/120;frequency can be set to 50/60Hz
  • Set utility charging on/off switch
  • Built-in 80A MPPT charger
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MODELPV33-1012 TLVPV33-1024 TLVPV33-1512 TLVPV33-1524 TLVPV33-2012 TLVPV33-2024 TLVPV33-3024 TLVPV33-3048 TLVPV33-4024 TLVPV33-4048 TLVPV33-5048 TLVPV33-6048 TLV
Inverter Output
Rated power1KW1.5KW2KW3KW4KW5KW6KW
Power factor1
Wave formPure sine wave
Output voltage RMS100V 110V 120VAC(200V 220V 240VAC)±10%
Output frequency50Hz or 60Hz (±0.3Hz)
Inverter efficiency (peak)>85%
Overload100%<Load<110% (alarm 5min then stop output ) 110%<Load<125% (alarm 60s then stop output) Load > 125% (alarm 10s then stop output )
Surge rating3000VA4500VA6000VA9000VA12000VA15000VA15000VA
Capable of starting electric motor1P1P1.5P1.5P2P3P
Battery voltage12VDC/24VDC24VDC/48VDC48VDC
Minimum start voltage11VDC/22VDC/44VDC
Low battery voltage cut off(Low voltage fault code04)1010.511V for 12V mode ; 202122V for 24V model ; 404244V for 48v model
Low battery voltage alarmAdd 0.5V battery:(Low battery alarm one second one time) (10 10.5 11V)+0.5VDC for 12V mode
(20 21 22V) +1Vdc for 24v model (40 42 44V) +2Vdc for 48v model
High battery voltage alarmAdd +1Vbattery: (high voltage one second one timeafter 30s fault 03) (13.8-14.5V) + 1V for 12V model
(27.6-29V) + 2V for 24v model (55.2-58) + 4V for 48v model
Save modeLoads ≤ 40W (110V) 80W (220V)
AC Input Mode
Input waveformPure sine wave
Nominal input voltage200Vac 220Vac 240Vac
Max input voltage270Vac MAX
Input frequency50Hz 60Hz (auto sensing)
Efficiency (AC mode)>95% (load, full battery)
Transfer time AC to DC15ms(typical)
Charge Mode
Min charge current 10A. Change by every 5A
Dimensions (W*H*D)277*196*466mm277*186*621mm
Ship Dimensions (W*H*D)376*306*592mm376*296*747mm
WarrantyOne year (standard), 2 years optional (IP20)

Software and Instruction Manual Downloads>>>

  • Brochure: PV3300 TLV Split Phase Series.pdf Download




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