The MUST 2022 Annual Ceremony

The Annual Ceremony of MUST POWER LIMITED was hold in Royal Banquet Hotel in Foshan, on 15th JAN, 2022.

The below is our International sales department 3- Group Photo, we were carrying the boards of good blessing for New Year, and signed in at the door of the hotel, was expecting to get award with good luck tonight.

At the beginning, our MUST handsome and pretty four hosts come on the stage to announce the start of the annual meeting – Concentrate and Create a new situation in 2022.

Our boss Sam Wu launched his speech with the conclusion of successful in 2021 and his good expectation on 2022 new year.
2022 – A new journey, the future can be expected.

As we all know that MUST POWER has been working in the UPS & Solar field for more than 20 years, most of our members have been working for MUST more than 5years, even someone more than 10years, thanks for their effort and dedication in the past years.

We were singing praises for our own hardworking and good achievement, we were sharing the good time with our customers and colleagues. All the moments are worth to be recalled.

We enjoyed the delicacy and watched the brilliant performance at the same time, along with the music and dance, the atmosphere of the scene entered a upsurge.

The MUST 2022 annual ceremony ends perfectly, thanks for all.

A new day means a new life, new hope.
Be positive and enjoy your day.

Wish all of you have a Blessed & Wonderful 2022.
May u have many success and blessings of God in this year.

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