PV3000 VHM Series (1-6KW)

Low Frequency Off Grid Solar Inverter 1~6KW | PV 245V | MPPT 80A | DC 12V,24V,48V | BAT-CAN

PV3000 VHM series is very economical pure sine wave solar inverter, Inbuilt with 80A MPPT charger; Solar/AC priority is configurable, when setting solar priority, solar will charge batteries as first priority, and AC can also charge batteries when solar charger current is too lower, in this way system charge is optimazed best. it enables inverter to operate with all kinds of home appliances.

Model Certification & Standards
PV30-1012/1024/1512/1524/2012/2024/3024/3048/4024/4048/5048/6048 VHM CE-EMC+LVD(EN6100-6-3:2007, EN6100-6-1:2017+EN IEC62109-1:2010, EN IEC62109-2:2011)