PV3300 TLV Series (AC:120V+120V 1-6KW)

Low Frequency Split Phase Solar Inverter 1~6KW | AC 110V/220V | MPPT 80A | DC 12V,24V,48V | PV 100V/245V | BAT-CAN

This split phase solar inverter PV3300 TLV series, capacity range from 1KW-6KW, DC 12V/24V/48V, it’s applicable to 110VAC/120VAC markets demands, which has AC output of single phase 110VAC/120V, split phase 220V/240V; In LCD display, you can set output voltage, frequency, charging voltage, charging current to design best use based on different loads applications; meanwhile, it has built-in MPPT solar charge controller 80A, you can take use of sunshine freely and save electricity bills.

Model Certification & Standards
PV33-3048/4024/4048/5048/6048 TLV CE-EMC+LVD(EN6100-6-3:2007, EN6100-6-1:2017+EN IEC62109-1:2010, EN IEC62109-2:2011)