PH5900 Series (3-6KW)

High Frequency On Grid Solar Inverter 3~6KW | Single Phase | MPPT 40~550V

PH5900 series PV inverters take full account of the needs of end customers, with excellent performance at the same time, use LED as inverter status display, effectively improve product life. Using DSP digital control,could afford wide grid voltage range, have a full range of protection features; to maximize the benefits at the same time, greatly enhance the reliability of the product.

Model Certification & Standards
PH59-3000,PH59-3600M/PH59-4200M/PH59-4600M/PH59-5000M/PH59-6000M CE-EMC+LVD(EN6100-6-3: 2007, EN6100-6-1:2017+EN IEC62109-1:2010, EN IEC62109-2:2011)
IEC60529; IP66
RD1699, UNE206006:2011, UNE206007: 2013
Poland Type A(NC RfG:2016, PSE:2018, PTPiREE:2021)
G98, G99