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ECO181 Series (1/1.5KW)

* Solar Generator

* PV 80V (Max)

* AC 110/230V

* Energy 1113/1433Wh

Portable Power Station 1~1.5KW | 24V,48V | 110V,230V

MUST portable power stations are battery-powered generators that keep your gear charged up and ready wherever you are. From family camping to home backup, get yourself convenient power without the noise, fumes, and fuss of a traditional gas generator.

HBP1500 Series (1/2KVA)

* Portable Power Station

* 538Wh, 1076Wh

* PV 100V | MPPT 100V


Outdoor Power Station 1~2KVA | 12V,24V | 538Wh,1076Wh | 230V

The HBP1500 series is a versatile portable power station suitable for powering various household appliances such as TVs, stereos, laptops, and desktop computers. It is equipped with a built-in LiFePO4 battery pack at home or office, it is a backup power provide uninterrupted power supply, at the same time, it a great choice for outdoor camping as well.

HBP1800 OS Series (1/3KW)

* Portable Power Station

* 960Wh/1280Wh/2560Wh

* PV 105/145V | MPPT 60A


Office Power Station 960Wh/1280Wh/2560Wh

The HBP1800 OS series is specifically designed for office use, providing a reliable and efficient power source. However, it is also versatile enough to power various household appliances, including PCs, laptops, stereos, and desktop computers. Equipped with a built-in 4-series LiFePO4 battery, the HBP1800 OS has a capacity of either 960Wh or 2560Wh, making it an ideal portable power station for a range of needs.

Model Certification & Standards
HBP18-3024 OS, HBP18-2024 OS, HBP18-1012 OS CE-EMC+LVD(EN6100-6-3:2007, EN6100-6-1:2017+EN IEC62109-1:2010, EN IEC62109-2:2011), UKCA