PH1600 LV Series (AC120V: 3-4KW)

AC Coupled Battery Storage Inverter 3~4KW | Single Phase | 120VAC

The PH1600 LV Series is designed for retrofitting PV systems, including power classes ranging from 3kw to 4kw. It can be installed with existing PV inverters, forming an AC coupling system.

Capable of being grid-interactive, it allows users to store surplus power and sell it back to the grid when demand peaks and the price of electricity is at its highest. It runs reliably under even the most extreme conditions with metal aluminium housing with IP66 protection.



■ LCD+LED – user friendly interface

■ IP66 design for outdoor

■ Compatible with other brands of inverter

■ Various work mode for different application scenarios

■ Natural cooling without external fan

■ BMS Function

■ Wifi monitoring

■ UPS level switching time <10 ms ■ Retrofit any on-grid systems to be able to run battery

MODEL PH16-3048 LV PH16-3548 LV PH16-4048 LV
RATED POWER 3000W 3500W 4000W
Nominal Battery System Voltage 48V 48V 48V
Nominal AC output power 3000W 3500W 4000W
Nominal output voltage range 110/120,90~140 ±5VAC
AC grid frequency range 60Hz; 55-65Hz
Nominal output current 25A 29.1A 33.3A
Maximum output current 36.36A
Inrush current (spike/duration) 57.5A/5.2us
Total harmonic distortion i(THDi) @Nominal Output <3%
Power factor at rated power ≈1
Displacement power factor Adjustable from 0. 8 leading to 0. 8 lagging
Grid type Single phase
Output Rated Power 3000W 3500W 4000W
Nominal output voltage; accuracy range 120±1%
Output ferequency; accuracy range 60Hz±0.2%
Output rated current 25A 29.1A 33.3A
Output waveform Pure sine wave
Peak power 3000VA, 10S 3500VA, 10S 4000VA, 10S
Total harmonic distortion v (linear load) <3%
Battery type Lead-acid battery / Lithium battery
Battery voltage 48V ±0.3
Battery voltage range 40~60V ±0.3
Charging curve 3-stage adaptive with maintenance
Protection Over-current protection / Over-temperature protection
Maximum charging power 3000W 3500W 4000W
Maximum charging currernt 80A
Battery discharge (full load) ≥92%
Maximum battery charging current efficiency ≥92%
Grid monitoring Yes
Output over current protection Yes
Output overvoltage protection-varistor Yes
Ground fault monitoring Yes
Integrated all-pole sensitive leakage current Yes
Machine Dimension (W*H*D) 420*420*215mm
N.W 25kg
AC connection Terminal Block
Display LED+LCD
Communication interfaces Wi-Fi/USB/GPRS/RS485/CAN
Ingress protection rating IP66
Humidity 0~95% RH(No codensing)
Operating temperature range -20℃ +60℃ With derating above 45℃
Cooling concept Natural
Noise figure [dB] ≤25
Altitude <3000m
CE-EMC+LVD (EN IEC61000-6-3, ENIEC61000-6-1; EN IEC62477-1)