EH5500 Split Type Series (6-10KVA)

High Frequency Single Phase Online UPS

The EH5500 series is a new type high-frequency online UPS. Adopts advanced DSP digital control technology to effectively improve product performance and system reliability, and higher power density small size, light weight and high work efficiency. Effectively solve power problems such as power cut-off, Grid over voltage / low voltage, voltage instantaneous drop, amplitude reduction, high voltage pulse, surge voltage, harmonic distortion, clutter interference, frequency fluctuation and provide best power for load.

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• With double conversion online design, zero output transfer time.

• Adopt DSP digital control, excellent performance indicators, more steady and reliable.

• Adopt active power factor correction technology (PFC), the input power factor is 1, can reduced the pollution to the grid, to energy saving and reducing system investment cost.

• Output voltage 208Vac/220Vac/230Vac/240Vac can be set.

• Ultra-wide input voltage range , input voltages available 110V instead of turn to battery power.

• With LCD+LED real-time display, UPS operating available for Detection.

• With self-detection function, can detect hidden faults of UPS.

• Cold start by battery without grid Input.

• Input frequency range 40~70Hz, support various fuel generators.

• With AC input over voltage, low voltage protection, output overload protection, short circuit protection, temperature protection, battery low voltage warning protectionand battery overcharge protection.

• Output power factor 1.0 for your option. max efficiency reach 95%, reduce loss of UPS.

• Standard RS232 communication outlet ,connect UPS and computer to realize multifunctional and multi-purpose monitoring and management operations, available SNMP card (optional) to UPS remote monitoring function

• The split type model can directly replace the entire built-in battery pack, avoiding safety accidents caused by battery replacement.


MODEL EH55 6KS EH55 6K Split Type EH55 10KS EH55 10K Split Type
Rated Capacity 6KVA/6KW 10KVA/10KW
Input format L+N+PE
Rated input voltage 208/220/230/240VAC
Voltage range 110~300VAC
Frequency range 50/60±6Hz (Default), ±10Hz (Settable)
Input power factor ≥0.99
Input total harmonic distortion ≤4% inear load; ≤6% non-linear load (PF=0.7)
Output format L+N+PE
Output voltage 208/220/230/240VAC
Output accuracy ±1%
Output frequency For on-line mode: follow current frequency, battery mode: 50 / 60Hz±0.1%
Output harmonic distortion ≤ 2% linear load; ≤ 4% nonlinear load (PF=0.7)
Overload capacity AC Mode:

30min@102%~110% Load;

10min@110%~130% Load;

30s@130%~150% Load;

200ms@>150% Load

Battery Mode:

10min@102%~110% Load;

1min@110%~130% Load;

10s@130%~150% Load;

200ms@>150% Load

Switching time
Switch to battery mode 0ms
Switch to bypass 4ms
AC priority mode Support
AC Mode (Full Load) Peak efficiency 95.5%, Full load efficiency 95%
Battery Mode (Full Load) Peak efficiency 95.3%, Full load efficiency 94.8% (20pcs Battery)
Battery type Lead Acid Battery
Battery number 16/18/20 (adjustable) 16 (default ) 7Ah*16 16/18/20 (adjustable) 16 (default ) 9Ah*16
Chaging current 1-12A (adjustable) 1A (default) 1-12A (adjustable) 1A (adjustable)
Inside batteries / Separable / Separable
Charging mode Two-stage/three-stage charging
LCD 2×8 PIN/Pitch 2.54mm, support 128-bit segment code, up to 4 buttons + 4 LEDs, can display operating mode / load / input / output, etc.
RS-232 Support: Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/2008/7/Linux/Unix and MAC
USB Windows Family & MAC
EPO Support
Intelligent slot (Optional) SNMP/AS400 Relay Card/RS485
Maintenance bypass switch (Optional) Support
Environmental parameters
Operating ambient temperature 0~40℃
Operating environment humidity 20%~95%(no condensation)
Storage temperature -15~60℃ (batteries: 0~40℃ )
Altitude The elevation should not exceed 1000m, 1000m or above, up to 4000 m, reference IEC62040
Noise ≤50db
Mechanical Specifications
Dimensions (D*W*H) (mm) 460*200*360 460*200*700 460*200*360 460*200*770
Net weight (kg) 13 62 13 64