Solar & Storage Live Philippines is the largest and most influential solar energy event in the Philippines. Each year, this event attracts exhibitors and visitors from many countries and regions, including power suppliers, solar project managers, developers, and professionals from government and regulatory agencies, as well as public utilities. Over 200 outstanding speakers from around the world will deliver inspiring keynote speeches, offering innovative solutions to energy challenges as pioneers in transforming energy generation and as technical leaders from some of the world’s most innovative companies.

MUST will showcase its solar energy storage solutions at Solar & Storage Live Philippines 2024, booth number 2-C07.

The Philippines, composed of over 7,000 islands, faces high transmission and distribution costs. Many remote areas suffer from long-term power shortages or lack of electricity altogether, and electricity prices are high. This situation is not unique to the Philippines; for Southeast Asian countries, developing renewable energy to enhance energy security and reduce carbon emissions is urgent. Geographically, Southeast Asia has many islands, with off-grid systems being prevalent in some archipelago nations. The power infrastructure in these countries is already weak, and the scattered nature of island residents and substandard overhead line regulations create significant development opportunities for distributed rooftop solar storage (self-consumption). Many remote islands cannot connect to the grid and frequently experience natural disasters, making energy storage an essential need in these regions. These areas often rely on high-cost, high-pollution diesel generators, with limited and frequently interrupted power supplies.

The Philippines has abundant solar resources, making it suitable for developing the solar industry. The government continuously promotes investment in the new energy power sector, encouraging the use of photovoltaic power generation to address power shortages. In this context, MUST’s solar energy storage solutions provide sustainable power options for remote areas in the Philippines, helping to solve local power shortage issues.

MUST has over 20 years of experience in independent and OEM branding. Our product line includes off-grid solar inverters, hybrid solar inverters, lithium batteries, and energy storage systems, with power ranges from 1 to 30 kW. This time, our solar storage solutions include off-grid storage systems and off-grid/on-grid hybrid storage systems, perfectly fitting the wide range of usage scenarios in the Philippines and Southeast Asia. For the many island residents in Southeast Asia, off-grid storage systems can not only replace diesel generators to provide clean electricity for the islands but also be compatible with generators to use solar and generator storage when necessary.